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Christian Bale from Haverfordwest in West Wales

Christian Bale

Bale has played everyone from Jesus to Batman. His breakthrough came in 'Empire of the Sun' as a child actor but it wasn't until the film 'American Psycho' started to attract cult status did his career really start moving. With a string of top franchise movies under his belt (including Batman and Terminator) he is one of Hollywood's top earners!

Connection: Born in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales.
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comment by:McVitie
Didn't Mr. Bale go to school in Bournemouth, does he consider himself Welsh?

comment by:LuckyMe
Although I deeply admire Mr. Bale's acting (and he's not too sore on the eyes, either), he doesn't really acknowledge the fact that he was born in Wales and declares himself to be English.

comment by:WagonWheel
Only found out today that Christian Bale was Welsh. I am pleasantly surprised. A very good actor. Great site! keep up the good work.

comment by:Tia-Megan
Christian Bale is an astonishing actor for someone so young. His performance at the age of twelve in 'Empire of the Sun' was amazing! He is a versatile actor and has great screen presence.

comment by:faither
We love Christian Bale!

comment by:Sweety101_3
Christian Bale is the most talented male actor I have ever heard of in my life. I enjoy watching his performances a great deal.

comment by:jediqueen
I've been a long-time fan of Christian Bale. I admire the films that he has chosen to be a part of. He seems more interested in independent films that spark creativity and always does an exceptional job in them. I also hope that he will be able to keep his privacy being part of the 'Batman' franchise now. I hope that everyone will be able to respect his privacy even now since he has been able to keep his privacy for the past twenty years in his career.

comment by:maryanbiggs
Among the actors that I have admired, Christian Bale is my most favorite. Although, i've only seen a few of his films. I would still describe him as a total performer. He does not only act but he sings and dances as well. Which makes him exceptional. I would love to see him dance and sing again!

comment by:keiftas
Christian Bale does tell people he is Welsh. Michael Caine said so in a recent interview.

comment by:cymro666
The song that Christian Bale sings in "The Empire of the Sun" is a Welsh Lullaby and I know the person who did the English translation for him.

comment by:MrPessimist
In an interview on GMTV, Christian Bale admits that he doesn't consider himself to be a true 'Taffy'. Ed Says, Yes his family are not Welsh, they were in Wales when he was born. Having said that, who can say how influential discret influences like in this case, place of birth play in ones development. Both Cliff Richard and Spike Milligan were born in India and even though they had very British upbringing they have both stated this fact hence, one would assume there must be some influence however small.

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for a long time christian was known as they guy in 'that psycho movie', followed by a conversation about which one. .. american psycho has nothing at all to do with the 'psycho' franchaise started in the 60's with hitchcock's classic but it's just as disturbing in its own way. this is a powerful movie, you have been warned!

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Pembrokeshire, Haverfordwest