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Rob Brydon

Actor From Port Talbot, Wales

Rob appeared in and co-wrote hit BBC series 'Marion and Jeff'. Rob has also hosted his own BBC chat show.

Born Baglan in Port Talbot on 3rd May 1965 Robert Brydon Jones accepted his MBE saying it was on behalf of  "short Welshmen everywhere", actually it was a just reward for his excellent work for charities including Tenovus. A comedian, actor, presenter on radio and television. A singer and impressionist. Rob Brydon is another amazing talent from the Port Talbot area.

Roles include Dr Paul Hamilton in the Australian/British comedy series Supernova, Bryn West in the sitcom Gavin & Stacey and Keith Barret in the BBC comedy series Marion and Geoff and its spin-off The Keith Barret Show. He has appeared in a number of shows for the BBC with Steve Coogan, including The Trip series in 2010, released as a feature film later that year; and The Trip to Italy in 2014 and The Trip to Spain in 2017, also edited and released as feature films. Since 2009, Brydon has presented the BBC One comedy panel show Would I Lie to You?

He played himself in Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive, a satirical series about a fictional panel show, which ran on BBC Three from 2006 until 2007. Between 2010 and 2012, Brydon presented his own BBC Two late-night chat show called The Rob Brydon Show. In 2014, Brydon hosted the Saturday-night game show The Guess List for BBC One.

In the early 1990's Rob was a presenter for the Home Shopping Network. He began to find small roles in several successful films and television series before blasting into television comedy.

From his first marriage Brydon has two daughters, Katie, born August 1994 and Amy, born July 1998, and a son Harry, born October 1996.

After a divorce, on 6 October 2006 Brydon married Claire Holland, a former producer on The South Bank Show, at Windsor church.

They live in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. The couple have two sons, Tom and George. Rob is apparently a keen golfer, He is also a Swansea City fan and is an ambassador to their 1912 foundation.

Rob Brydon Human Remains

Human Remains

Human Remains is a darkly comic series about six very different, very offbeat, and very engrossing couples who unwittingly expose the dynamics of their dysfunctional relationships.

From a bald neurotic to a male chauvinist fiancé, the characters conduct open, honest and shocking interviews as the series sets new boundaries for extraordinary relationships in a seemingly ordinary world.

Human Remains takes a documentary-style look at the lighter side of unconventional couples, as each episode develops into something funny and touching, and deeply absorbing.

Marion & Geoff

Marion & Geoff

Rob Brydon plays Keith, a hapless cuckold who addresses us via a camcorder set up in his mini-cab. The Marion and Geoff of the title are his estranged wife and her new lover, though as Keith--who never fails to perceive a bright side to his utterly dismal existence--says, "I don't feel I've lost a wife, I've gained a friend."

Through his monologues, we learn that Keith has a room in a student house where banging techno is played day and night; that in order to make the journey to see his two boys, he must make an overnight journey from London to Cardiff by car; that his only friend is a tollbooth operator (though the operator doesn't seem to know it) and that, although he's been driving a minicab for a while, he's yet to pick up a fare.

Keith Barret - Live

Keith Barret - Live

Comic actor Rob Brydon's alter ego, Keith Barrett, is taken to the live stage. Bit-player in Little Britain, sidekick of Steve Coogan and panelist on multiple comedic talk shows, Rob Brydon also produced his own comedy series,' the most popular being Marion and Geoff.

His most popular character was a Cardiff cab driver called Keith Barrett who chirpily held forth on all matters current. The character morphed into the unlikely host of his own, self-titled chat show in which he offered advice and counsel to celebrity couples for two series.' Barrett's dark, Coogan-esque humour is here taken to the live arena.

Annually Retentive

Annually Retentive

Quirky history-based panel show reluctantly presented by Rob Brydon. Rob is unhappy with the quality of the show, aiming instead for the loftier heights of Q.I. and spends time mocking the guests he's trying to book to appear on the show.

Guests include: Russell Brand, Elton John, David Walliams, Alistair McGowan, Jo Brand and many more.

Connection: born in Baglan, Port Talbot, Wales.


Correct, he was born in Baglan in Port Talbot.

COMMENT BY: annethomas

He is my mothers cousin!

COMMENT BY: tonyprice

He used to be called Rob Jones and I remember winning a cucumber eating competition (nothing lewd) with a Joanne 'something' at a disco at which he was DJ at the Grand Pavilion in Porthcawl, some twenty years ago.

Also, I remember him being quiz show MC in Wales as Rob Jones. I wonder why he changed his name?

COMMENT BY: rachied

I used to speak to Rob Brydon every week when he did his BBC radio Wales show, 'Rave'. He's a very very funny guy. Love you rob!

COMMENT BY: spenny

He's very funny and I look forward to the second series. Was he in 'Human Remains' too? I'm pretty sure he was. [Ed: Yep]

COMMENT BY: daveyboy

Rob I enjoy your programmes often.

COMMENT BY: misty11

Hi Rob - Remember Sheena the ballerina with the embarrassing question? Fancy a drink sometime?

COMMENT BY: HelenRichards

Saw the show in Rickmansworth on Saturday, was perfect, poignant and made my sister a 'hooting' star. Thank you.


Sat a couple of seats up from the hooting lady on Saturday night (which one? - Ed). It was an absolutely fantastic show. Haven't laughed as much in ages.


Just a note to say I saw 'Marion and Geoff' in Exeter on the 2003 tour. Was not sure what to expect really but really was the best comedy show I have ever seen. It was worth every penny. Can't wait for the next tour.

COMMENT BY: timere

Has anyone out there got the 'Human Remains' series on video or whatever. I've mailed the BBC, they have no plans to repeat it or release it as they have done with 'Marion and Geoff'. Thanks


The BBC coverage of the 2004 Oscar's was sensational. Rob clearly demonstrated his exceptional ability with breath-taking spontaneity and panache.

COMMENT BY: sailin

I've just found out about Rob's links with Baglan and Michael Sheen too! What with Richard Burton and Anthony Hopkins and Katherine Jenkins,the Neath and Port Talbot area seems to produce more than its share of big names!

[Ed - Yes, there should be a sign 'Taffywood' on the hillside as you go past Briton Ferry.]

Link BY: MalcolmX

Rob's official website: Great for fans of Marion & Geoff and of course the man himself. Listings of events etc.