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Ronald Lewis, actor with a connection to Wales (Port Talbot)

Ronald Lewis

A career spanning the 1950's through to the 1970's. Appearances include such films as 'Helen of Troy', 'Jigsaw' and his last movie in 1974, 'Paul and Michelle'.
Connection: Born Port Talbot, 1928. Died 1982.

comment by:Felicite
My father was Ronald Lewis' Cousin. I would like to learn more about Ronald and his family. My father passed away eight years ago so I am doing my own research. Claire, Stoke on Trent, England.

comment by:flopperty
I am looking for information about Ronald Lewis as I am related to him . He was my fathers cousin and I would love to find out more. If anyone can help please contact me with the famouswelsh MessagPad.

comment by:football
My grandfarther Selwyn Lewis is Ronald Lewis' uncle. Ronald Lewis father Jack is my grandfather brother they were a number of children and my grandfather Sel was the youngest of the children.

comment by:EleanorShimmer
Ronald Lewis' mother was my mothers sister - therefore he was my first cousin. I hope to find out information about remaining family - particularly on his mothers side. Please contact via the MessagePad on this site.

comment by:welcome12
Good actor , brilliant with Peggy Mount in 'Sailor Beware', where are the great British films that could still be made today? We have the finest actors and good film crews.

South Wales, Port Talbot