Eleanor Daniels, actress with a connection to Wales (Llanelli)

Eleanor Daniels

Starred in the Broadway shows 'Change', 'Juno and 'The Paycock'. Appeared in many films and on radio in America.
Connection: Born in Llanelli. Three times a national winner, her bardic title was Ellyw.

comment by:Lucybryson
Eleanor Daniels is my idol, I love her. I didn't know she was Welsh. I thought she was from Glasgow. I didn't know she was very good at music however I did know she was an expert Harmonica player. Elle or as I say Nora! We love you!

comment by:Haydnlewis
Had her own studio in New York where she coached and trained actresses for the 'talkies'.

comment by:dadpad
Eleanor lived to over 105 years of age. I have a copy of an interview conducted with her in the year or so before her death.


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