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Brian Hibbard, actor with a connection to Wales (Cwm, Ebbw Vale, Gwent)

Brian Hibbard

He's been in UK ITV's soap 'Coronation Street' and was in the film 'Twin Town'. I've spotted him in numerous other bits and pieces as well. He was also the singer in the 'Flying Pickets'.
Connection: Born and raised in Cwm, near Ebbw Vale, Gwent.

comment by:joannagoanna
Plus I've been sat on the train opposite him between Manchester and Abergavenny and have seen him about numerous times!

comment by:joannagoanna
He's also in Emmerdale as a travelling fair worker. he hasn't had many lines but it's nice to see him on TV again.

comment by:duffmanbrown
Brian Hibbard is a legend in my book. When you're young and in love, when you're young and in love!

comment by:welshboytony
Hey everyone. Brian Hibbard is helping out in a school in his home town of Cardiff now and spending a lot of time with his kids, I see him evey week. We are going out for a drink soon with him, he's realy funny.

comment by:janice
I am related to Brian Hibbard but I doubt very much if he knows I exist.

comment by:towser
Brian was not brought up in Cwm. He lived with his mother father and sister Janet in furnace street in the Glan-Yr-Avon area and went to Ebbw Vale Grammar School.

comment by:RobWill220465
Brian is not from Cwm hes from Glan Ar Avon

comment by:hubahuba66
I worked on Coronation Street as a Granada freelance floor manager, Brian is a nice nice man. My brother Tony Annis was a floor manager at Granada permanent staff and worked Corrie. As floor manager for many years and liked him a lot. Glad he is happy.

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