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Robert Llewellyn, as Welsh as croissant.

Robert Llewellyn

He plays the robot butler Kryten in the cult BBC TV series 'Red Dwarf' Has also hosted UK's Channel 4 series 'Scrapheap Challenge'. He's also a published author!

Connection: Born in Northampton. If indeed Llewellyn is his real name he almost certainly has Welsh roots!

However, Robert claims he is as Welsh as a croissant!

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comment by:Purpleone
I hope you get the stains out of Lister's Smeggin' underpants, Kryts!

comment by:DragonWarrior
Sorry to disappoint you, but he was born in Northampton, check out the IMDB. His surname does strongly suggest his Welsh heritage though.

comment by:carfancymru
In his own words, he's 'as Welsh as a croissant'.

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