Manhattan connection!

Descendants of the West Wales adventurer Robert Edwards fight it out in court to prove their ownership of Wall Street, the world famous financial centre at the heart of New York.

New York

The Edwards family claim when the property; pasture land at the time, was leased to the brothers 'Kruger' the terms stated the lease would expire in about 100 years. The Kruger brothers in turn allowed the Catholic church to use the land as it saw fit. The church has controlled the land since, building on it themselves and renting to other parties too, hence the Manhattan we know today. The rent for this use is stored in a vault in Manhattan itself, now estimated at over $800,000000,00!

Robert Edwards died childless, leaving his property to his sister in Wales and her decedents who are estimated now to number some 3000. If they win that means a payout of over $26m EACH!

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