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A brave old world

With the introduction of civil partnerships in the United Kingdom we've now come to a time when even government recognises, for some at least, gender has little to do with the vagaries of the heart. Remembering the 'Ladies of Llangollen'.

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You could be entitled to a slice of a £850k pie!

We've been in touch with the UK organisation (NS&I) who handle the Premium Bonds for the UK government and look what we've found...

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Welsh Miners help find missing links


Known as the 'Cradle of Mankind' the high plains West of Johannesburg, South Africa's biggest city and capital of Gauteng province palaeontologists have found the remains of some of our earliest ancestors.

It seems modern-day scientists have to thank a group of Welsh miners, quite ordinary men who had gone to South Africa to help build the new city of Johannesburg. Hunting for limestone, needed for construction they detonated explosives to unearth the limestone, unearthing the ancient remains as they did.

Even though there was limestone there they went no further, we can only guess why but it may have been having seen the bone fragments they felt it wrong to disturb graves further. Whatever the cause of their decision, we can thank them for giving us a glimpse into our evolution from primitive hominids to modern humans.