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Spam where does it come from?

Well to begin with we have to be clear about the definition. Basically, any unsolicited mail is spam. The name spam is from the old Monty Python sketch where they sing a song "Spam, wonderful spam". In other words, it just keeps comming.

The ammount of spam is massive, it's estimated that of all mail recieved 88% to 91% is spam. These figures plus or minus a few percent have been touted for about 10 years.

Things to watch for.

Anti-Spam applications are often built in to service providers setup, you'll usually have an opportunity to mark somthing as spam if it wasn't caught. However, it's easy to miss important mail and the sort of mail which is sent automatically by websites can fall into this category. For instance, whenever a new person joins our website our software automatically sends a mail for confirmation. This mail can be sent to the spam folder. This is not because we spam. In fact, has always had a strong policy on our out-bound mailings. Never-the-less a mail could be marked as spam.

The best way to avoid this is to mark an email from us as 'white list' or 'not spam' so then anything sent by our website to you should be delivered properly.

Hint: if you send emails to a number of people never use the 'cc' option, always 'bcc' - cc means carbon copy so everyone on your list sees the email of everyone else. That might not seem like too much of a problem but IF one person has a hacked computer it can mean the hackers see all the email addresses. If you use the bcc option 'blind carbon copy' everyone wil get your mail but they will not see other addresses.