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Project Fear? How about some facts?

Professor Michael Dougan on: What happend to Project Fear?.

Who is this bloke?

He is Professor of European Law and Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law at Liverpool University.

His work on the EU constitution and institutions covers processes of constitutional reform as well as the relationship between Union law and the national legal systems. He has published widely on the EU's constitutional framework after the Lisbon Treaty, on the principle of direct effect of Union law in national courts, and on the enforcement of Union law. Current research interests include: the problem of defining the "scope of EU law"; and developments in "flexibility" both within and beyond the EU Treaties.

He knows what he's talking about, worth ten minutes listening since this is history in the making.

    Gwen John

    Studied at Slade Art School. Lived in Paris for a while where she was taught by Whistler!. Works include a self portrait at the Tate and 'A young nun' at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

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    harold lowe titanicHarold Lowe

    Commander Harold Godfrey Lowe RD RNR wrote his name into history as a hero for actions during the loss of the White Star Ship, TITANIC.

    Harold is portrayed by Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd in the James Cameron movie 'Titanic' where we have a sense of the urgency and danger he was facing.

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    louger tt07 4 iconIan Lougher

    Guts, skill and force of will, Ian has brought victory after victory home, a true Welsh sporting hero! His first motorcycle was a Demm Dove moped/shopping bike which he got when he was twelve for ten pounds, he rode it in the fields and forestry around his home in Bonvilston (near Cardiff) where he was born.

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    joe tanner iconJoseph R. "Joe" Tanner

    Born in Illinois in 1950, Joe's Welsh connection is via his mother who can trace her roots back to Llanddewi Brefi, his grandfather was the head teacher there. We know astonauts are tough hombre's but they have to seriously smart too.

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    RMorgan iconRhodri Morgan

    Oxford/Harvard educated Rhodri is commited to developing Wales for the benefit of all. Rt. Hon Rhodri Morgan AM, the second First Minister of Wales and Leader of the Welsh Assembly.


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