T Lawrence, writer with a connection to Wales (Tremadog)

T Lawrence

Military action hero and author of 'Seven pillars of wisdom'. Famously routing of the Turks from Arabia.
Connection: Born in Tremadog.
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inspiration for the david lean film 'lawrence of arabia'. in the years following the end of the world war i, there was no stronger legend about any of its participants than that surrounding colonel t. e. lawrence, known as lawrence of arabia. on a special mission for the british, to help the arab revolt against the turks, germany's allies, who then ruled the middle east, he succeeded in establishing an extraordinary rapport with his arab hosts and helped lead the disparate, warring tribes to amazing victories. by lowell thomas with introduction by phillip knightley

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comment by:theCad
His pilots watch showed up on a market stall in Port Talbot.

I was born in the house (private nursing home) across the road in Tremadog.

comment by:tonyprice
Died on a 'Brough superior' motorcycle. Nice bike.

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written between 1919 and 1926, this text tells of the campaign aganist the turks in the middle east, encompassing gross acts of cruelty and revenge, ending in a welter of stink and corpses in a damascus hospital.

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by john e mack, he explores the relationship between lawrence's inner life and his historically significant actions. interviews, correspondence, access to war office dispatches and unpublished letters provide the basis for macks's investigation of the psychological dimensions of lawrence's personality. in addition, mack examines the history, politics, and sociology of the time in order to weigh the real forces with which lawrence contended and which impinged upon him.

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the david lean all-time classic film of british army officer t. e. lawrence who united the arab tribes against the turks during world war i, and became a legend in his own time. (restored in 1989). music by maurice jarre.

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