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Sport in Wales usually means Rugby, it seems to overshadow some great achievments Welsh sportsmen and women have made in Boxing, Athletics, Cricket and Football. Our list of welsh sport personalities includes well known names like Alf Sherwood , Ryan Giggs , Ian Lougher and many more - including some here time has overlooked...

Ted Lewis, sportsman with a connection to Wales (Machynlleth)

Ted Lewis Ted was the first of only two Welsh-born players to break into major league baseball in the USA (the other being Jimmy Austin). He was twenty-three when he debuted with the Boston Beaneaters. His nick-name was 'The Pitching Professor'. After the 1901 season he retired from baseball to teach full time at Columbia University, and later Williams College. Eventually serving as president of Massachusetts State College and the University of New Hampshire until his death in May, 1936.

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