David Bishop, sportsman with a connection to Wales (Pontypool)

David Bishop

Pontypool and Wales scrum half. Classic scrum half behind the famous Pontypool Pack of the Eighties. He went on to play rugby league for Wales and then to become player coach for Pontypool. Played a leading role in saving the club from relegation to Division Two in the late 1990's.
Connection: From Pontypool.

comment by:bignbeefy
Also played baseball for Wales.

comment by:M.H.fam111
Simply the very greatest player in Welsh Rugby.

comment by:pcprinz1
Was the greatest rugby player I had ever seen, including Gareth Edwards. He was brilliant!

comment by:neilo...
Never got the credit he deserved by anyone outside pool. The man was a genius, better than Gareth.

comment by:daibish
Brilliant player, and we have the same name! I came from Pontypool and played schoolboy rugby with Jonathan Callard and Stuart Barns but ended up moving to Scotland but was wondering if there is a link? Rugby is in my blood!

comment by:myhero
Quite simply the greatest player ever to grace a rugby field skill, power, aggression, control, influence you name it he had it. We will never see another player with the qualities he had, legend!

comment by:ionfist
A great rugby, baseball and cricket player, if he wasn't such a hot head he would have had loads of Welsh caps. I went to school with him, He was a great character, popular with everyone. The greatest scrum half in the world.


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