Howard Winstone, sportsman with a connection to Wales (Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales)

Howard Winstone

Boxing World, European and British featherweight champion 1961 - 1968 Best remembered for his three world title fights with the Mexican Vincente Saldivar. Finally, Howard won the world title by stopping Mitsunori Seki of Japan after Saldivar had retired.
Connection: Born in Merthyr Tydfil South Wales April 15th 1939.

comment by:boxman
Howard was a magnificent ring craftsman but he was not a big hitter.

comment by:AlanOwen
I knew Howard as a very nice and down to earth guy.

comment by:AlanOwen
Had fingers missing on his right hand. He was a great boxer and champion.

comment by:foggie
Howard Winston's trainer was Archie Rule from Ammanford who also trained Joe Erskine. Archie won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games before the second world war amongst many other medals and awards won.

comment by:floydpatterson
Howard is my grandfather, there is a film coming out later this year (2009) about him called risen. My father also Howard takes me to the set when filming it's great I can't wait till its finished!

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