Donna Lewis, musician with a connection to Wales (Cardiff)

Donna Lewis Singer and songwriter, Classically trained at the Welsh College of Music and Drama. Relatively unknown in the UK, she has been very successful in the US. Her 1996 song 'I Love You Always Forever' was a world wide success, gaining the number 1 position in many countries. In the USA the song re-wrote the record books at radio, by exceeding one million 'spins', claiming its place in music industry history as the most-played single ever, at the time.

Ernest Zobole, artist with a connection to Wales (Rhondda)

Ernest Zobole Influential Welsh landscape artist. 1948, Cardiff College of Art1952, Became aquatinted with Heinz Koppel at Dowlais 1953, Taught at Llangefni School, Anglesey 1957.Returned to Rhondda Valley and taught at Aberdare and Treorchy 1956. Member of 56 group Wales 1963, Lecturer, Newport College of Art.

Evan Richards, musician with a connection to Wales (Rhondda, Cwm)

Evan Richards Among the foremost of conductor's, music teacher's and personality's in the British brass band world. He has personally trained many of today's leading musicians in all fields, from voice to instrumentation. His achievements go far beyond Wales. He personally taught Leighton Rich (First holder of the 'Mortimer Award') as a young lad. His music theory teaching is rightly considered to be peerless, he is probably the finest and most knowledgeable of modern brass band teaching methods.

Eve Sherratt, actress with a connection to Wales (Swansea, South Wales)

Eve Sherratt Female singer and entertainer, recently toured with Max Boyce and has appeared on BBC1,BBC2 and ITV. International recording artist who has worked with the Morriston Orpheus Choir, Dunvant Male Voice Choir, Tradegar and many more. She has also appeared on a number of albums.

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