Harri Webb, writer Swansea

Harri Webb Check out poems such as, 'Ode to the Severn Bridge', 'Synopsis of the great Welsh novel' and ' Local boy makes good'.

Ian Bone, musician with a connection to Wales (Swansea)

Ian Bone Self styled dangerous anarchist. Founded class war and movement against the monarchy. Wrote cult novel 'Anarchist' set in Swansea. Edited 'The Alarm' the Swansea free sheet that got two leaders of Swansea City Council sent to prison.

Ian Lougher, Isle of Man TT biker from Bonvilston, Cardiff

Ian Lougher Guts, skill and force of will, Ian has brought victory after victory home, a true Welsh sporting hero! His first motorcycle was a Demm Dove moped/shopping bike which he got when he was twelve for ten pounds, he rode it in the fields and forestry around his home in Bonvilston (near Cardiff) where he was born.

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