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    Scientists: Inventors, Researchers, Engineers, Mathematicians

    Scientists seem to spend so much time behind-the-scenes it's actually rare for someone to gain enough public  aknoledgement to appear on a famous list. When this happens it's usually because their discoveries and inventions have made them wealthy businessmen (or women). If you check our business listings you'll see this. Meanwhile we do have some notable names including Alan Cox, Dr Evan Pierce, Herbert Stuart, John Ddu and of course mathematician  Robert Recorde.

    Alfred Wallace

    Conferred with Darwin (and Darwin with him) regarding evolution of species and acknowledged as theory co -founder by Darwin in his 'On the Origin of Species'.

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    Alan Cox

    Alan cox (born 1968) is a programmer heavily involved in the development of the linux kernel since its early days (1991). He then became one of the main developers and maintainers of the whole kernel. This is an extremly important contribution to the 'Open Source' software community.

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    Steve Jones

    Professor of genetics at the Galton Laboratory and University College, London.

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    Herbert Stuart

    Developed and patented a compression ignition engine by 1885. Diesel only had his version working twelve years later in 1897.

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    Bill Frost

    Welsh carpenter who patented the aeroplane in 1894 and took to the skies in a powered flying machine the following year, eight years before the Wright brothers attempt at Kitty Hawk.

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    Harry Grindell-Matthews

    Wacky inventor of so called 'Death Ray' and various electrical devices including burglar alarms, projectors and automatic street lighting.

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