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    cardiff bay, port building and opera houseWales has a fantastic musical heritage. One of the few things the Romans ever wrote about the celtic tribes refered to the songs Britons would sing.

    Roman author Athenaeus describes songs performed by guests at Celtic feast and ceremonies, the signers were known as 'Bards'.


    Two thousand years later we have bards like Tom, Kelly and Aled Jones, Andy Low, Bryn Terfel, Cerys Matthews, Charlotte Church, Dave Edmunds and many many more!

    cerys-jonesCerys Jones

    A formidable schedule of rehearsal, performance and travel together with intelligence and talent. That's what it takes to get to the top and Cerys is well on her way.

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    Tom Jones

    Long show business career with many stage and TV appearances. He also appears in the hit movie 'Mars Attacks' with Jack Nicholson, Danny Devito, Michael J Fox and lots more. With 36 hits in the UK and 19 in the USA he's a world class act!

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    Dekkard Bryon Dekkad Bryon is a guitarist born in Bridgend. He played with bands local to that area at the end of the 1970's and then moved to Cardiff. If anyone has any more information please let us know.

    Vic Franklyn

    Famous for his TV show in the 1970's in Toronto, Canada . He is called the Canadian 'Frank Sinatra'.

    Little of Vic's early years have been published, in fact there's now very little information on his career. However, even today, years after the height of his fame Vic is still loved and his recordings treasured.

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