David Mysterious, musician with a connection to Wales (Aberystwyth, Cardiff)

David Mysterious

Troubador of the unknown ep- available on the Peski label.
Connection: Bilingual songwriter/performer. Is known to have spent time wafting around the Aberystwyth area and now occasionally appears in the Cardiff vicinity if you are lucky enough to catch him.

comment by:waunite
David Mysterious brings forth a fuzzy hi-fi meets lo-fi world of 60s garage, Morricone soundtracks, off kilter folk and a lyrical world of detectives, space cats and carnival oddities.

comment by:MartinH
David mysterious :- innovator? Maybe. Pioneer? Possibly. Trailblazer? Feasible. Dirty cowboy hell bent on destroying rock and roll as we know it? Re-defining genres from monkey rock right through to christian rap? Proving once and for all that you really do have to rock to rock? Most definitely.

Music, Cardiff

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