Ian Bone, musician with a connection to Wales (Swansea)

Ian Bone

Self styled dangerous anarchist. Founded class war and movement against the monarchy. Wrote cult novel 'Anarchist' set in Swansea. Edited 'The Alarm' the Swansea free sheet that got two leaders of Swansea City Council sent to prison.
Connection: Born in Swansea and went to Swansea University. Quoted as 'The most dangerous man in Britain' by the News of the World. Lived in Swansea for eighteen years, had two children .

comment by:Gorsinnboy
Lead singer of Swansea pop group 'The Living Legends' who charted with 'The Pope is a Dope' and 'Better dead than Wed', about the royal wedding.

comment by:peejayel
I too worked on 'Alarm' around 1979 1980. A wonderful experience doing something worth while that was under the control of 'joe public'. I remember Ian quite well. I moved away after Gerald Murphy and his council crony Emrys Harris went to prison. If anyone is interested in resurrecting 'Alarm' or a similar publication please get in touch.

link by: LewisLewis
Similar publication to the Alarm, follow the link and see for yourself.


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