David Bowie was not from Wales.

David Bowie

Famous distinctive and influential pop-rock star.

Welsh connection or not, we're sad to see him leave us in 2016.

Connection: Misnoma: Bowie (Jones) was born in Brixton, London. His mother was Irish and his father was a Yorkshireman but still the rumors persist.

The rumour may have more to do with sightings of him 'up the valleys' in the 1980's apprently looking for a property.

comment by:Mizoguchi
Please note, I've tried to find some evidence to confirm this with no luck so if anyone knows where we can get a definite yes or no please let us know - Ed.

comment by:Ioanluver
My mum's a big fan and she says he was definitely born David Jones but doesn't know if he's Welsh or not!

comment by:DaiSquared
Don't think he's Welsh, visit the link website.

comment by:phemomenalcat
Bowie's father, Haywood Stenton Jones, came from Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Bowie's mother was Mary Margaret Burns (possibly of Irish origins). I've not read of any Welsh heritage as of yet. I am researching the geography of British popular music so if I find any Welsh link, I'll keep you posted.

comment by:silverRain
I was married to a man who's half sister Diane claimed that David Bowie was her cousin. This family was from the Rhondda Valley.

comment by:LeeMRoberts
There was a reference to this in last month's feature on Bowie in mojo magazine. In one interview, I believe it might have been with John Cale, Bowie used to put on a thick valley's accent as a joke when they met. There was no further proof but hey would be great ;)

comment by:pentrehalkyn
David bowie (then Jones) was born in Brixton, London. His mother was Irish and his father was a Yorkshireman




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