John Hughes, musician with a connection to Wales (Pontypridd)

John Hughes

Wrote the famous hymn 'Guide me o thou great Redeemer' or 'Cwm Rhonda' as it called in Welsh. Sung at rugby matches and funerals, including the Queen Mum's funeral.
Connection: Lived in Tonteg, near Pontypridd.

comment by:londonwelsh
'Cem Rhondda' was written by William Williams Pantycelin.

comment by:cerrirhondda
There is some confusion about the john hughes notes. John hughes composed the hymn tune Cwm Rhondda. He was born in 1873 and died in 1932. William Williams Pantycelyn who was born in 1717 and died in 1791, wrote the Welsh words, translated by Peter Williams which were, 'Guide me, o thou great Jehovah'. The hymn tune is usually sung in Welsh to the words Wele'n sefyll written by Ann Griffiths who was born in 1776 and died a young woman in 1805.

comment by:Jasmineanders
John Hughes was my great-uncle. My maternal grandfather's sister Maria married him. She was known as Maia in the family. Don't know when she died, though she was still alive in the middle 1950?s when my sister visited. She was a typical ?David? in features - she might have been my grandfather's twin to look at! I have always been fiercely proud of ?my? hymn (any the remaining members of the David family of course)

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