Dave Edmunds, musician with a connection to Wales (Cardiff)

Dave Edmunds

Gained fame with the 'Rock Pile', their biggest hit was 'I hear you knocking'.
Connection: Born in Cardiff, 15th April 1945.
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comment by:NettyRockChick
Dave Edmunds rocks.

comment by:wifflechicken
Not only did he play with 'Rockpile', 'Nick Lowe' and the 'Stiff artists', he penned the song 'Queen of Hearts' and the 'Porky's' soundtrack.

comment by:shoeshine
I am now living in Australia and was really surprised to find this web site. I am related to Dave Edmunds. My mother and his mother were sisters. I never tell anyone as people would not believe me but everyone has family famous or not.

comment by:Taffywasa
Didn't he lead 'Love Sculpture' on their single Sabre Dance?

comment by:welshhustler
I wonder how many sisters there were because I knew the family and Dave?s mother?s sister was Sheila Chapman mother of famous guitarist Paul Chapman (Lone Star? ) Dave is therefor Paul?s uncle. I met them both when I roadied for Paul?s band in the 1960?s Paul was born in Whitchurch Road, Cardiff.

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