Dai Francis, from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales

Dai Francis

Star of the highly successful but now totally 'politically incorrect' 'Black and White Minstrels Show' (based at Victoria Palace for many years). His Al Jolson impressions were magnificent. Lots of TV work.

Connection: Born in Merthyr, South Wales.

comment by:mmactaz
I knew Dai Francis before he joined the Black and White Minstrel Show. He used to stay with us when he was 'doing the clubs' with his Al Jolson impressions. I also met his wife at that time (Elsie Monks). She was an electric organist on the stage with the Lou Macari Show.

comment by:jacktrish
I think I might be related to Dai Francis, but very distantly. I am hoping to find out the names of his parents and/or grandparents so that I can see if there is a connection to my family. Any suggestions please?

comment by:hubahuba66
I worked the lighting grand master at the Victoria Palace for the Black and White Minstrel show about and around 1960.




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