Delme Jones, musician with a Welsh connection!

Delme Jones

Highly successful opera singer.
Connection: Born in Brynaman.

comment by:FollowMe
Delme Bryn Jones was in the forefront of Welsh operatic singing for many years. He was a baritone who found fame in London as well as in Wales. He died aged somewhere in his sixties.

comment by:garngoch
Born in Brynaman 29th March 1934, died Bethlehem Llandeilo 25th May 2001 aged sixty-seven, Delme Bryn-Jones was regarded as one of the finest singers to have come out of Wales and by many to have been one of the greatest Verdi Baritones of all time. It was a great tragedy that his career declined somewhat in the mid eighties when he was rarely engaged to perform despite of being at his vocal peak. However, he conquered the alcoholism and marital breakdown that this distress caused him and success returned shortly before his death, when he performed to significant acclaim on Canadian National Radio with a series of recital performances and master classes in Ottawa.

comment by:wireman
Delme and I are first cousins, his father William John and my mother Enid Amana were brother and sister. Our grandfather Jenkin Jones was a shoe manufacturer with a shop in Station Road, Upper Brynaman. Delme's father took over the business after my grandfather died. I remember how I taught him to drive and took him for singing lessons at Briton Ferry. Delme was a genuine gentleman with a kind and honest heart. I will always remember him for his great singing voice.


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