Shakin Stevens, from Ely, Cardiff, South Wales

Shakin Stevens

Highly successful Rock and Roll singer. Many UK and international hits such as 'This 'ole house', 'Green door' and 'Merry Christmas everyone'.

Connection: Born (Michael Barrat) on the 4th of March 1948 in Ely, Cardiff, South Wales.
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'this ole house', 'rockin' good way' and 'green door' just three of the sixteen terrific shaky singalongs you'll love!

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comment by:YayaBaba
in my opinion shaky is only one in this Rockin' World. I was a member of fan club ten years ago, but wanna do it again! Thanks to everything that you made that taste. love

comment by:bronwyn
My dad grew up in Cardiff with Shakin' Stevens! I have a picture somewhere with my dad and Shaky just hanging around playing guitar.

comment by:stavross
Shaky is the greatest Rock'n'Roll singer ever to emerge from outside the USA. His long lasting appeal is proof that talent and a belief in what you're doing is paramount. He's a one of a kind, and after thirtyfive years in the business so far, has become a music legend. Rock on Shaky.

comment by:shakysgirl
Shakys' News Club, Roz fleetwood, P.O. Box no 27020 London N2 9WU

comment by:braviola
His real name is Michael Barrat. Renewed success in 2008 when he thrilled crowds at the Glastonbury festival (Southern England).

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sixteen chart toppers including 'merry christmas everyone' and 'que sera sera', how can we resist!

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Official Site
Everything's Shakin'

Singer, Cardiff

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