George Bush, politician (least popular president) with a connection to Wales (Midland, Texas, America)

George Bush

He was considered an American hero for a while, but left office in January 2009 as one of the least popular presidents ever.
Connection: Of Welsh decent on his mothers (Barbara) side.

comment by:kristin
Hooray, another star spangled dragon in the Whitehouse.

comment by:LavenderGirl
Apparently he had to ask Charlotte Church which 'state' Wales was in! (she replied; it's next to England).

They say Bush (in much the same way as the Devil's greatest trick is to convince us he doesn't exist) has convinced us he's thick. Even so, somehow I don't think geography is his strongest point. - Ed

comment by:Welshman13
American of rich Welsh roots. His eight year presidency that spanned the height of popularity and the depths of public loathing. Finally left office as one of the least popular presidents.

Heading home for Texas he was accompanied by former commerce secretary Don Evans, Mmmm heard the name Evans somewhere else?

comment by:cityofnewportw
George bush is descended from the last king of Glamorgan and Gwent as is my my family. Lestyn Ap Gwrgan ruled just before the Normans took over. However I do not claim or ever want to claim a family connection with any of the Bush family

Ed Says "Be fair, Bush senior did alright didn't he?"

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