William Abraham, politician with a connection to Wales (Cwm)

William Abraham

Began work in the mines at the age of ten. In the mid 1860's he travelled to Chile to work in the copper mines. On his return he worked briefly in the tinplate industry before resuming work in the coal mining industry. Became MP. For the Rhondda in 1885. In 1899 he was elected as first president of the South Wales Miners' Federation.
Connection: Born in Cwmavon, in 1842.

comment by:Mihangel
Known as Mabon, a bardic name, throughout his career.

comment by:hyweleastwood
I remember my grandfather telling me William Abraham was his great uncle. Can anyone give me any details on his family tree, particularly his siblings?

comment by:lapacker
I am trying to find out more about William Abraham, my great grandmother (also an Abraham) was his direct descendant.

comment by:hyweleastwood1
I have a good deal of detail of William Abraham's family tree. Send me a message if you want info.

comment by:treelooker
Ebenezer Abraham's uncle was William Abraham. I would like some family information on Henery Abraham born 8th June 1827. The brother to William Abraham. His father was Thomas Abraham.

comment by:busybee
Does anyone know whether a Miss Abraham who was closely related to Mabon married a Mr Lewis I had up until recently believed she was his sister but have been informed that he had no sisters. I know that he was the youngest of four brothers though any help would be very much appreciated.

comment by:abes18
Im looking for info on Mabon can anyone give me info on him he is my great great grandad.

comment by:Eterpay
William Abraham's brother David was my great great granfather and I have quite a bit of information on the family.

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