George Thomas, politician (speaker, House of Commons) with a connection to Wales (Port Talbot, Cardiff, South Wales)

George Thomas

First broadcast Speaker of the House of Commons
Connection: Born Taibach, Port Talbot, 1909. MP for Cardiff.

comment by:marjonpaul
Hi, does anyone have details of the family of George Thomas? I also thought his name was TG Thomas, I would be grateful for any more information about Lord Tonypandy.

comment by:KennethBowditc
George Thomas was born in Tydraw Street, Taibach, Port Talbot and not in Tonypandy.

comment by:Tydfil
Thomas George Thomas should have been named Zachariah George Thomas. When a little boy he asked his mother why she'd named him Thomas George and when he'd had the answer he said "Oh Mam, I'm so glad you called me Thomas George". Zachariah was his father's name

link by: shepcab
Bronze Bust of George Thomas
George thomas had 4 bronzes made during his life. His favorite was by Welsh portrait sculptor luke shepherd. Edition 2 owned by the national library of Wales, aberystwyth.

Cardiff, South Wales, Port Talbot

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