J Hardy, politician with a Welsh connection!

J Hardy

First leader of the British Labour Party.
Connection: Member of Parliament for Merthyr 1900 to 1915.

comment by:marifach
He would turn in his grave today under Bliar.

comment by:martyncymro
This is incorrect! Hardy was a hundred percent Scottish and merely represented Merthyr as an MP. He had no Welsh blood nor was he born in Wales! James Keir Hardie, the illegitimate son of Mary Keir, a servant from Legbrannock, Lanarkshire, Scotland, was born on 15th August, 1856. Mary later married David Hardie, a ship's carpenter and the family moved to the Partick district of Glasgow.

Thanks for this important information, as an MP representing Welsh interests he does have a place here at the famous Welsh website but it's good to get the facts straight, cheers, Ed.

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