Geoffrey Howe, politician with a connection to Wales (Port Talbot)

Geoffrey Howe

Senior minister during the reign of Jolly Queen Thatcher, what a lovely time we all had.
Connection: Born in Pen-y-Cae, Port Talbot.
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geoffrey howe was chancellor of the exchequer, foreign secretary and deputy prime minister, serving all but the last three weeks of margaret thatcher's 11 years in power. this text presents his memoirs which provide an account of 20 years of conservatism.

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comment by:RingTone
Became Lord Aberavon.

comment by:Dadaravager
Did he not precede Heseltine in bringing Mrs. Thatcher down, thus founding a long line of Euro-federalists to undermine the Conservative Party?

comment by:DianaMickle
My companion (name withheld) whose mother was born in Bristol , is an exact look-alike of Lord Geoffrey Howe. He doesn't know much about his family but there must be some connection.

Grandfather was a Frederick Gover or Gover Frederick Powell but the connection might be in the grandmothers' line. We are wildly intrigued by this situation. We saw Lord Howe in an interview on CNN Europe and they even speak alike (except for the accent, my partner is American, born in New York).

My thought at the time was 'Good god, it's (my partner) with an English accent!' Any input on the situation would be greatly appreciated.

link by: DdraigGoch
Good bio on the Welsh politician

South Wales, Port Talbot

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