Taff Martin, notable with a connection to Wales (Bargoed)

Taff Martin

Playing wild guitar and dogy poses in bands such as 'The Good the Bad and the Welshman, Southern Drawl european country chart topping act and the Flatland Boogie Band He also another top ten country hit 'Walking the night', written with Somerset song writer Sean Oleary.
Connection: Born in Bargoed in 1962 lived in England since 1978

comment by:telecaster
Welsh flag on front of amp and known throughout South West for guitar and bass duties in various bands. In 1982, on return from Falklands he was gieven a hero's welcome home to Bargoed Mid Glam with people lining his street.

comment by:kalval
Seen taff play a lot in 'Government Warning' down in Dorset back in the early 1990's with other guitarist Crazy George, totally mad playing guitar behind the head etc

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