Sir Caspar John (Admiral), notable with a Welsh connection!

Sir Caspar John (Admiral)

Former 'First Lord of the Admiralty'.
Connection: Born in Wales. Son of the artist Augustus John.

comment by:TedRowcliffe
There's quite a bit on Caspar John, later Admiral, and his father Augustus, in 'Caitlin - Life With Dylan Thomas', the autobiography of Dylan Thomas' wife. Caspar and Caitlin were teenage sweethearts.

comment by:TedRowcliffe
Caspar John's wife Mary was quite helpful to Rose Barker, daughter of George Barker, British poet, and Elizabeth Smart, Canadian poet and novelist, when Rosie was having a difficult time with drug addiction. She later moved in with Elizabeth Smart to help her when Elizabeth took over the care of Rose's children. Earlier, in 1951, she rented a flat from Sir Caspar at 1 Rossetti House in Flood Street, London. See Rosemary Sullivan's 'By Heart - Elizabeth Smart: A Life'.

comment by:TedRowcliffe
Re: Caspar John's relationship with Caitlin Thomas see also 'Double Drink Story-My Life With Dylan Thomas' by Caitlin Thomas.

comment by:TedRowcliffe
If Admiral Caspar John watched the Greeks flee Smyrna at the end of WWI, there must be two Caspar Johns, one a brother of Augustus whose portrait of Sir Caspar hangs in the National Gallery and Caspar, son of Augustus and sweetheart of Caitlin Thomas. Sorry for the confusion.

comment by:Clifton
Admiral of the Fleet Sir Caspar John (born 1903, died 1984) did witness the burning of Smyrna in 1922 as a young sailor. He became First Sea Lord in 1960, and served until 1963. There is no second Admiral John, as one reader has suggested.

comment by:EuniceMuir
Sir Caspar was their second son, after David.

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