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Welsh history is full of misinterpretation, legends and myths. When famouswelsh.com started in 1999 King Arthur was still thought of as pure ledgend or myth in its own right. Now of course there's plenty of indicators to be sure there is truth buried in the ledgends. Misinterpretation on the Arthurian legend alone is staggering, most people believe he was an early English King, odd when England didn't exist then.

We've started here with Arthur because he is so well known all our readers, world wide can relate to this. However, there are lots of other stories and strings of Celtic culture that survive to this day. Within our listings you'll find references to personalities who have made such a great impression their presence is still with us like Edwin Hughes, Henry VllRichard Americk and other great characters.

Merlin, Arthur's druid advisor

Merlin Legendary magician, prophet and advisor to King Arthur. In all the Arthurian legends there is a lot of scope for scepticism yet enough to hint at real people or events. For Merlin however nearly everything we know is likely to have been introduced much later than the core legendary character. In other words, even if we found super accurate dna evidence and a birth certificate for Arthur, Merlin would probably remain myth.

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Arthur of the Britons, a very un-English King.

King Arthur One of the most discussed and widely known rulers the world has known. 'Seeker of the Holy Grail', 'Wise and skilful ruler', 'Mighty chieftain' or simply a freedom fighter - the choice is yours. Today, most people know of the romantic 'Hollywood' version of Arthur but the true story of Arthur is likely to be something much more down to earth. There are no truly 'hard facts' but experts are pretty sure of a few things. 'He' was a man, not a woman dressed up.

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Edward, The 'Black' Prince of Wales

The Black Prince Edward, Prince of Wales, known as 'The Black Prince' was born in Woodstock, England on the 15th of June 1330. The eldest son of Edward the third and Philippa of Hainaut, his contemporaries knew him as Edward of Woodstock. He was not known as the Black Prince until after the 16th century. His nickname is supposed to have been derived from his wearing of black armour. In 1333 he was made Earl of Chester and just four years later in 1337 he became the Duke of Cornwall, being the first duke ever created in...

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