David Baddiel, media personality with a connection to Wales (Swansea)

David Baddiel

I'm really not sure about this entry, does anyone have any more information? - Ed.
Connection: David's family fled Europe before the second world war to the safety of the UK. They settled in Swansea and indeed he still has relatives living there.

comment by:SudCity
Talented and original comedy performer from the groundbreaking 'The Mary Whitehouse Experience' TV Show. Went on to perform at one of the biggest comedy events with Rob Newman. Has continued with a sitcom series on UK SKY ONE and a series with Frank Skinner on UK ITV1.

comment by:kenmara
I believe that David Baddiel's father may have lived in Pantygwydr Road, Swansea and Rory Cellan-Jones's family lived in the next road, Knoll Avenue, in the Uplands Area and two doors away from a well know Spanish Civil War character, (my wife's grandfather) captain "Potato Jones". A Cellan Jones was a well known surgeon who drove a 1930's yellow or cream Rolls Royce.

comment by:Allison
The father of David Baddiel (Colin) lived in Glanbrydan Avenue, Swansea and I lived opposite in the 1930's. I was born in 1926 and remember Colin who was a year or so younger, also his mother and father Sylvia and henry.

South Wales, Swansea

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