Sian Lloyd, media personality with a connection to Wales (Maesteg, Bridgend, South Wales)

Sian Lloyd

Weather presenter and TV personality.
Connection: Born in Maesteg, near Pen-y-Bont (Bridgend), South Wales.

comment by:SilverLining
Sian Mary Lloyd was born on Thursday 3 July 1958 at Maesteg.

comment by:sue2002
Has anyone got any more info about Sian Lloyd, are there any websites? I am looking for interviews, photo's articles on Sian. I would be grateful for any information.

comment by:welshhun
Just like to put Neath on the map as Sian is also from Neath!

comment by:domino
Has Sian recently married she always has a ring on her wedding finger. Also my daughter wants to know how she got into being the weather girl as it is her ambition to do this.


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