Sir William Preece, business man with a connection to Wales (Caernarfon)

Sir William Preece

William Henry Preece was an electrical engineer who was a major figure in the development and introduction of wireless telegraphy and the telephone in Great Britain.
Connection: Born Feb 15 1834 in Bryn Helen, Caernarfon died Nov 6 1913 Penrhos, Caernarfon.

comment by:emeraldragon
He pioneererd the first railroad signaling system that increased railway safety also was his encouragement of Guglielmo Marconi by obtaining assistance in furthering Marconi's work. Preece introduced the first telephones, patented by Alexander Graham Bell , he was knighted in 1899.

comment by:lovely
I think he was a real cool man and a great scientist!

comment by:siddhant
He was a great researcher in the field of telegaphy


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