Welsh Coastline, Porthcawl

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    Many world famous businessmen have surprisingly either come from Wales or have important Welsh connections. Some have incredible stories, most have quietly got on with business making changes that effect millions but few know their names. Entrepreneurs with Welsh connections include Laura Ashley, Charles Rolls, J.P.Morgan, Sir Howard Stringer and many many more!

    CharlesRolls 01Hon. Charles S. Rolls

    The first pilot to fly across the channel and back in a single journey. A man with a real zest for life filled with victorian confidence!

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    Bob Neill

    The world's greatest craftsman in the art of pyrography (an ancient art of burning designs on wood) and one of the most recognised people outside of Wales for promoting Wales, the Welsh language and the annual Eisteddfod.

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    Laura Ashley

    Laura began her highly successful fashion empire in the 1950's with her husband Sir Bernard Ashley from their home in London. In 1961 they moved to Carno, Wales, their business continued to develop, expanding steadily they moved into a disused railway station!

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    Frank Wright

    Highly influential American architect. Best known for 'Falling Water' (house for Edgar J. Kaufmann) and the Guggenheim Museum, New York.

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