Bernard Fox

Bernard Fox

Actor From Port Talbot, Wales

Versatile character actor, played the quintessential Brit in dozens of American TV shows-best known over here for his role as 'Dr.Bombay' on the 'Bewitched' sitcom.

Born Bernard Lawson on the 11th of May 1927 Bernard sadly passed away 14th December 2016.

A busy acting career saw in a number of well known productions including a role as Dr. Bombay in the comedy series Bewitched, Colonel Crittendon in the U.S. TV comedy Hogan's Heroes and films such as the 1997 Titanic (playing Archibald Gracie) and even one 'Captain Winston Havelock' in the block buster 'The Mummy' from 1999.

Connection: born in Port Talbot, Wales

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    Appeared in two different movies about the Titanic disaster, nearly forty years apart.
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