Basil Rathbone Actor with Welsh connection!

Basil Rathbone

Most famous for Sherlock Holmes

Connection: Misnomer, The only Welsh connection seems to be on his wife's side.

comment by:Moriarty
Sorry to disillusion you! Basil Rathbone did not come from Newport. He was born in Rhodesia, South Africa. However, his first wife did come from Newport (then in Monmouthshire) and after their divorce she spent some years running the local amateur dramatic society, Newport Playgoers.

comment by:geordie
He was actually born in Johannesburg.

comment by:angell
Basil Rathbone was born in South Africa.

comment by:The_Practition
Actually born in South Africa, perhaps his father, a mining engineer was Welsh?

comment by:garethhopkins
Basil Rathbone was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1892.

comment by:Perry60
I once (1979 ish) owned an Austin Allegro car that had previously been owned by a Miss Rathbone who was a teacher in the Newport area, I was advised at the time that this was an aunt or cousin of Basil Rathbone . It was also confirmed to me at the time that Basil Rathbone had definate and direct connections with Newport. The information came from a very reliable source and I have no reason to doubt it.




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