Victor Spinetti, actor with a connection to Wales (Cwm, South Wales)

Victor Spinetti

Stage and film actor. Appeared in many of the Beatles films. Played 'Professor Foot' in 'HELP'.

Connection: Of Italian decent. Born in Cwm, South Wales. Some people spell his name with two n's - Spinnetti.

comment by:Walkday
Born in Cwm, Blaenau Gwent. Welsh player of stage and screen. Best known for his appearances with The Beatles in Richard Lester's landmark 'A Hard Day's Night' and his colourful and zany follow-up 'HELP!' in 1965. Victor started acting on the British stage appearing in productions such as 'Jesus Christ Superstar', 'Candide', 'The Odd Couple' and received a Tony for 'Oh, What a Lovely War' when it came to Broadway. In England he's known for his stage work, the rest of the world remembers him with the Beatles. In 'A Hard Day's Night', he was the TV director in a sweater who nervously watches the time. He had a larger role in the Beatles move 'Help' playing the know-it-all scientist.

comment by:sandielewis
I was born in the same village as victor. I went to school with his brother. His sister was my hairdresser and his father sold the best fish and chips in the valleys. He has always been a great ambassador for South Wales. A really nice guy.

comment by:Bobbankusa
He also directed both "Hair" and "Jesus Christ Superstar"



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