Boyd Clack | Actor from Tonyrefail, Wales

Boyd Clack

Writer of hit BBC sitcoms 'Satellite City' and 'High Hopes'. Also starred in both (as Gwyn in Satellite City and Seargeant Ball in 'High Hopes'.

Connection: From the Rhondda, possibly Tonyrefail.

comment by:saithpm
Writer of great comedy! Really funny guy!

comment by:Annmaureenj
I enjoyed meeting Boyd at the showing of High Hopes 'Dead Man Walking' episode two.

comment by:faceless
I have not been a fan of 'High Hopes' - and I have commented as such to friends and colleagues - although this is based mainly on the first series. However, five series tells its own story on the quality of Boyd and his partner Kirsten's work. I recently met both at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff and they were very approachable and extremely nice people and it was great to see them out showing support for up and coming script writers.




link by: jonthomas83
The Official Boyd Clack, Satellite City and High Hopes Fansite
A great site focusing on the work of boyd cack and the most popular welsh sitcoms in history!

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