Allan Jones Actor Cwm, Aberdare, Wales

Allan Jones

Born 14th October 1907 died 27th June 1992. Starred in many Hollywood musicals of the 1930's including 'Showboat', 'The firefly' and 'A night at the opera'. Most famous for singing 'The donkey serenade'. Father of crooner Jack Jones.

Connection: His parents were from the Aberdare area, possibly Cwmbach.

comment by:PaulineE
He visited his relatives in Aberdare on more than one occasion. I believe that one of his relatives sang with the Cwmbach Male Voice Choir and I was told that he once attended rehearsals with the choir, but I can't swear to that as it was before my time!

comment by:Sharman
Allan Jones, the singer was not born in Wales. He was born in Scranton, PA. Both Allan's ancestors and mine are Hugh Jones and Margaret Williams that immigrated in 1850 from Wales.

comment by:Chelseagirl
Allan Jones and his son Jack are my distant cousins on my grandfather's side, who was Gerald Jones. Gerald's grandfather was Samuel Milton Jones who was the 'golden rule' mayor of Toledo, Ohio. A cousin and I are trying to compile a genealogy and determine where Allan Jones was born. Have not found this information anywhere.




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