Chris Gunn, actor with a connection to Wales (Mount Pleasant, Radyr, Swansea, Cardiff)

Chris Gunn

His one man dance performance show 'The Hotstepper' performed at the Sydney opera house.
Connection: Born in Mount Pleasant, Swansea, grew up in Radyr, Cardiff.

comment by:danbaugh
Possibly the greatest dancer of the past fifty years.

comment by:danbaugh
What a man, I saw one of his specials on TV and his moves just blew me away. Bit of a looker too!

comment by:ColinCalderwoo
Recently found out he has discovered god as well as putting his considerable genius into developing nano-technology. A true gent.

comment by:DouglasHoyland
Chris is a great man, not to mention an exquisite dancer. I saw him in his show 'Fine as frog hair' in Beijing last may and he took my breath away. Keep it up Chris, you've got the power.

Cardiff, Swansea

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