Tom Cruise, actor with a connection to Wales (Flint, North Wales)

Tom Cruise

Highly successful acting career appearing in numerous roles since the 1980's. Films include 'War of the Words', 'Rain Man', 'Mission Impossible', 'Top Gun' and 'Minority Report' to name just a few!
Connection: Of Welsh descent on his fathers side. His family originates from Flint, North Wales.
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you can almost imagine bumping into him on your way to the local! one of hollywood's greatest stars tom has appeared in numerous block busting movies from science fiction classics like 'war of the worlds' and 'minority report' to period drama like 'the last samurai'.

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I think it was St. Asaph.

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His Welsh connection was found by researchers on a Bravo TV show in New York called 'The Actors Studio' where an invited audience of drama students hear first hand what makes world class actors like Tom so successful.

James Lipton, the host makes a point of revealing what he considers important background information. In Tom's case Lipton thought it important enough to not only include the fact that Tom's family come from Flint but even went on to present him with a copy of the family court of arms.

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set in washington dc in the year 2054, this is the story of john anderton (tom), a detective working in the pre-crime division. the special police unit arrests people before they commit murder with the help of three precogs. precogs are genetically altered humans who can predict the future.

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two men, captain nathan algren a veteran of the american civil war and a celebrated samurai warrior, katsumoto, who is learning about change, are fated to meet. both will face each other and make a stand against those that would threaten honour and values.

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