The Severn Bridge, crossing to Wales from England

    Shwmae, croeso i Famous Welsh!

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    Sir Anthony HopkinsSir Anthony Hopkins

    A master of the theatrical crafts Sir Anthony Hopkins now lives in America, at the heart of the film industry.

    Stage and screen, featured in films such as: 'The Bounty', 'Silence of the Lambs', 'Zoro', 'Remains of the day' and many many more.

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    harold lowe titanicHarold Lowe

    Commander Harold Godfrey Lowe RD RNR wrote his name into history as a hero for actions during the loss of the White Star Ship, TITANIC.

    Harold is portrayed by Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd in the James Cameron movie 'Titanic' where we have a sense of the urgency and danger he was facing.

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    louger tt07 4 iconIan Lougher

    Guts, skill and force of will, Ian has brought victory after victory home, a true Welsh sporting hero! His first motorcycle was a Demm Dove moped/shopping bike which he got when he was twelve for ten pounds, he rode it in the fields and forestry around his home in Bonvilston (near Cardiff) where he was born.

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    kelly jones 1 courtesy c4Kelly Jones

    Singer, guitarist and songwriter!

    Kelly (born 3 June 1974) is a Welsh born and bred singer, songwriter and lead guitarist with the Stereophonics. Influenced by classic rock bands such as The Who, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC (Mmm, seems to like Gibson SG guitars like Angus Young plays) and punk rockers too. He is noted for his strong but grainy voice. Kelly's song lyrics seem to show influences from many British artists as well as American mega stars such as Neil Young and arguably Bob Dylan.

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    joe tanner iconJoseph R. "Joe" Tanner

    Born in Illinois in 1950, Joe's Welsh connection is via his mother who can trace her roots back to Llanddewi Brefi, his grandfather was the head teacher there. We know astonauts are tough hombre's but they have to seriously smart too.

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    RMorgan iconRhodri Morgan

    Oxford/Harvard educated Rhodri is commited to developing Wales for the benefit of all. Rt. Hon Rhodri Morgan AM, the second First Minister of Wales and Leader of the Welsh Assembly.

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